The GM-300S is a 42″ tall cart that supports a single monitor up to 36″. A great addition to any videoconferencing environment, this cart comes with high-capacity storage (15RU) and a durable 19” rack mount bracket. At 23” deep, there is ample space to accommodate larger systems.

  • 42″ height is ideal for education environments
  • One adjustable interior rack mounted shelf
  • 6 Port surge protector
  • Cable management features
  • Tempered, tinted locking front glass door
  • Bolted rear panel for easy access to equipment
  • Deep interior space (23″) for extra storage
  • Standard 19″ front and rear rack mount brackets, 15RU of space
  • Standard adjustable v/c camera platform
  • Large footprint for added stability
  • Standard 5″ double truck ball bearing casters, two with brake
  • 100% solid steel construction

Load Capacity: 375 lbs

Height: 42"
Cart Top Surface Width: 34 1/2"
Width: 42"
Depth: 31"

Height: 26 1/4"
Depth: 23"
Rack to Glass: 1 7/8"
Rack Width: 19"
Rack Units: 15RUs

SHIPPING BOX (Palletized)
Length- 50"
Width: 40"
Height: 60"
Ship Weight: 233 lbs

  • Additional rack mount shelf (US-1)
  • Rack mounted AmpliVox® speaker module (PSM-200)
  • Heavy duty 6″ caster upgrade
  • Single gang Wall Plates (3 RCA, VGA+Audio and VGA+Audio+LAN)
  • Table top display mounting system (TT-1)
  • APA® Adjustable height camera stand
  • 6 Port surge protector (RCK-PWR)
  • Custom cut Rack Shelf for Lifesize®, Polycom® and Tandberg® codecs
  • Revolabs® Shelving System in various configurations for wireless microphone integration