DynamiQ™ 400H

The DynamiQ™ 400H is the best height adjustable mount for large interactive whiteboards. Move your whiteboard, as well as the projector, up and down in an effortless way.

The DynamiQ™ 400H has a weight capacity up to 175 lbs and is suitable for extra large whiteboards up to 120 inch. The mount gives you great comfort: simply move the board by hand to the required position. The product is very suitable for the educational market.

  • Height adjustable mount for any whiteboard
  • Supports up to 198 lbs
  • Vertical movement up to 15.75″
  • Easy movement with only a light hand touch
  • No electricity needed

Load Capacity 198 lbs.

22″W x 41″ H x 2.9″D