Reward Program FAQs

  1. What’s a qualifying bid? A qualifying bid is one submitted by a reseller, written specifically to include one or more AVTEQ products (not “or the equivalent”) and is processed by the end user/ customer and generated into a purchase order for AVTEQ through the reseller.
  2. How much will I get paid? You will earn 1% of your cost of the product or products that you included in the bid  and the customer subsequently purchases. There is no limit, so how much you earn is up to you!
  3. What do I need to do in order to claim my check? It is the bidder’s responsibility to follow-up with AVTEQ and submit a copy of either the executed PO or the award letter in order to claim their check.
  4. When will I receive my check? After AVTEQ receives the PO for the bid and ships the product, we cut your check.
  5. What if I purchase through distribution? You will still send your purchase orders through your distributor per normal procedure, but you need to fill out the AVTEQ bid form and send that directly to AVTEQ. Please include the bid number on the PO to the distributor.
  6. What if a competitor’s product “or the equivalent” is submitted and I quote an AVTEQ product and win, will I get paid? Yes, you will earn a bid reward for selling an AVTEQ product as “the equivalent”.
  7. Will I still get paid if I spec AVTEQ product in the bid, but don’t win the bid? If AVTEQ wins, you win. If AVTEQ sells product as a result of your spec, you still get paid.
  8. I’m having trouble with the submission form. What are my options? If you’re having problems with the online submission form, download and complete this PDF form, and fax it to: 214-905-9666.

If you require further assistance, contact us toll free at (800) 285-8315!

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