Today’s workplace is flexible and adaptable.
Create meeting spaces that inspire possibilities.

Innovative Solutions Designed for Today’s Technology

The workplace is constantly changing.  Office design is incorporating movable furniture, bring your own devices and collaborative spaces for impromptu meetings.  Today’s technology makes it easy to connect to remote employees anytime, anywhere.  Ensure your meeting spaces can easily adapt with mobile carts from Avteq.


Collaborative Meeting Spaces

Video-enabled meeting rooms empower the hybrid workforce to easily have scheduled and impromptu meetings.  Avteq has partnered with leading technology leaders, including Cisco and Poly, to provide specialized mounting solutions for today’s devices.  From wall mounts to mobile carts to credenzas, Avteq solutions provide the flexibility to maximize your collaborative experience within the office, training rooms, or other interactive environments. Whether you are looking for mobility, adjustable height, or ADA-compliant options, Avteq has the solution for your collaborative workplace.


Interactive and Adjustable Classrooms

Avteq solutions enhance the learning environment by making the classroom technology accessible to all students.  For truly interactive and collaborative spaces, teachers need to easily adjust the classroom to accommodate students and lessons.  Height-adjustable wall mounts and mobile display carts bring the lesson to the student, providing the flexibility teachers embrace.


Flexible Courtrooms & Facilities

State and local governments have embraced videoconferencing and the positive impact technology brings to court proceedings, townhalls, and correctional facilities.  Courtrooms incorporate mobile videoconferencing carts to easily share content, present evidence, and provide remote access. Avteq’s TAA-compliant products are used throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Telehealth Solutions for Improved Care

Telehealth is now a key solution to improving the speed of care delivery and creating a better patient experience. Private practices and healthcare facilities have adapted quickly to providing a telehealth offering that keeps them agile in today’s ever-changing world.  Avteq provides innovative mobile stands designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare providers in large hospital systems to remote clinics. Our telemedicine mobile carts bring the power of remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and telehealth that provide expert advice safely and efficiently.

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