Cisco® Webex Solutions

Innovative Solutions for the Collaborative Workspace


AVTEQ has partnered with Cisco®​ to provide specialized mounts for Webex Boards and Room Kits.  We offer a range of mobile carts, stands, and mounts for all Cisco® Webex Boards. Our solutions provide the flexibility to maximize your collaborative experience within the office, classroom, or other interactive environments. Whether you are looking for mobility, adjustable height, or ADA compliant options, AVTEQ has the solution for your Webex collaborative workplace.

Mobile Carts

Select mobile carts are available with the Cisco®​ Webex Board mount. The RPS-500 is available with or without a height adjustable, easy glide mount with spring-weighted technology.  The DynamiQ Executive cart offers height adjustable control through a motorized mount.  All carts are 100% steel construction for maximize stability over multiple surfaces.

Wall Stands

The height adjustable DynamiQ™ series of wall stands are anchored to the wall for the ultimate stability required for interactive workspaces in the classroom, library, training center or board room.  Choose from the DynamiQ Wall Stand with the easy glide mount or the DynamiQ Executive Wall Stand with a motorized mount system. Both wall stands are ADA compliant.


AVTEQ Webex Board Mount is designed specifically to support the 55″ and 70″ Webex Board.  Choose the standard wall mount or the height adjustable DynamiQ 400 wall mount with the additional custom for the optimal experience for your collaborative environment. AVTEQ also offers a Webex Board Mounting Kit that replaces the standard display mount on the RPS and ELT series of carts and stands.

The Cisco®​ Room Kit Mounts support the Room Kit, Room Kit Plus, or the Room Kit mini.  These mounts let you easily install the room kit above or below the display on any AVTEQ cart or wall mount.