Cisco Webex Solutions

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Innovative Designs for the Collaborative Workspace


AVTEQ has partnered with Cisco®​ to provide specialized mounts for Webex Boards and Room Kits.  We offer a range of mobile carts, stands, and mounts for all Cisco® Webex Boards. Our solutions provide the flexibility to maximize your collaborative experience within the office, classroom, or other interactive environments. Whether you are looking for mobility, adjustable height, or ADA compliant options, AVTEQ has the solution for your Webex collaborative workplace.

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Creative Spaces for Webex Rooms

Technology is changing how and where we work.  Video conferencing solutions enable teams across continents to collaborate effectively.  AVTEQ continues to provide innovative solutions designed for today’s technology.  From small team environments to large training centers, AVTEQ offers solutions to enhance your Webex Rooms.

Mounting Solutions for Cisco Webex Devices

Add Flexibility

Make the most of your Webex solutions with custom mounts by AVTEQ.  Our mounts are designed specifically for the Webex Boards and devices. They are compatible with AVTEQ mobile stands, wall stands, and collaborative furniture.  Give your Webex Room the mobility and flexibility for maximum collaboration.

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Cisco Webex Board Mounting Kits

AVTEQ’s mounting kits support the Cisco Webex Board 55, 70, and 85. AVTEQ mounts have been tested and certified to ensure a secure and reliable mounting solution.  The Webex Board Mounting kits are compatible with AVTEQ mobile stands, wall stands, and collaborative furniture.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.

Enhance Usability

Today’s workplace is dynamic, and mobility is the new norm.  Webex Rooms are no longer fixed locations but can be an office or open area for improved productivity. AVTEQ’s Webex Room Kit mounts are designed specifically to install any Cisco Webex Room Kit on a mobile stand or collaborative furniture.  Enhance the usability of your Webex Rooms.

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Cisco Webex Room Kit Mounts

The Cisco Webex Room Kit bring your small or large meeting rooms to life.  When mounted on a mobile stand, the Webex collaboration system brings the flexibility to adjust the environment to fit the needs of the team meeting.  For small huddle spaces, a mobile solution allows the camera to be moved to fit the size and location of the audience.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.

Add Mobility

Innovation drives collaborative environments, and AVTEQ’s mobile solutions integrate seamlessly with today’s technology. The RPS series of mobile stands provide the ease and usability for interactive touch screens in the classroom, library, training center or huddle room.

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Mobile Stands for Webex Devices

AVTEQ offers a range of mobile solutions that enhance the Webex experience in the office, classroom, and healthcare environments.  Our mobile stands support Cisco Webex devices and add mobility and flexibility to the collaborative workplace.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.

Webex room with Touch 10 panel

Add Security & Usability

Simplify meeting room scheduling with the Cisco Touch 10 panel.  AVTEQ wall mounts provide secure and reliable access to your meeting room controls.

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Touch 10 Wall Mounts

AVTEQ wall mounts for the Cisco Touch 10 secure and accessible meeting control to any room.  The C10 In-Wall mount can be installed pre- or post-construction.  The Surface wall mount provides a quick and easy installation.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.

Cisco Webex Room Navigator Wall Mounts

AVTEQ offers two wall mounting solutions that are compatible with a table-stand unit or a wall-mounted unit the Cisco Webex Room Navigator: in-wall mount (CN-WMP) and surface wall mount (CN-SM).  The in-wall box offers added security and easy access for users in any room.  The in-wall box is designed to offer a flush mounting of the Cisco Webex Room Navigator unit for post or pre-construction.  The surface wall mount is installed directly on the surface of the wall or attached to a 1-gang or 2-gang wall box.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.

Mobile Solutions for Telehealth

Add Mobility & Customization

AVTEQ provides innovative mobile stands designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare providers in large hospital systems to remote clinics. Our telemedicine mobile carts bring the power of remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and telehealth that provide expert advice safely and efficiently.

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Telemedicine Carts

The lightweight TMP-200 telemedicine cart provides the ease of use and mobility required for patient care in a healthcare facility. The TMP-200 supports single or dual displays, including the Cisco Webex Desk Pro with the Desk Pro optional wall mount and the Cisco Webex DX80 with the AVTEQ Webex DX80 Mount.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.