Cisco Room Navigator Wall Mounts

The Cisco Room Navigator control unit provides touch control access to several room controls, such as: controlling Cisco videoconferencing systems, booking a room, and controlling amenities within the room.  Mounting the Cisco Room Navigator on a wall provides easy access to launch and end video and/or audio conference meetings.  In addition, wall mounts help prevent theft and misplaced units.

AVTEQ offers two wall mounting solutions that are compatible with a table-stand unit or a wall-mounted unit the Cisco Room Navigator:

  • In-wall mount (CN-WMP)
  • Surface wall mount (CN-SM)

The in-wall box offers added security and easy access for users in any room. The in-wall box fits within a standard wall depth and the faceplate secures the Cisco Room Navigator. The mount works with pre-construction or post.

The surface wall mount is installed directly on the surface of the wall or attached to a 1-gang or 2-gang wall box.  Once the mount is installed, the Cisco Room Navigator unit easily slides into the mount and is secured with a set screw at the bottom of the mount.



  • Gloss white finish
  • TAA-Compliant

In-Wall Mount

  • In-wall, mount unit
  • Wall box with finishing cover – hardware included

Surface Wall Mount

  • Mounts directly onto wall
  • PLA Plastic

Cisco Room Navigator Wall Mounts Product Sheet

CN-SM Dimensional Drawing

CN-WMP Dimensional Drawing

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