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  • Logitech Tap IP In-Wall Mount LTAP-WMP with Touch Controller

    Logitech Tap IP In-Wall Mount

    Add security and easy access to the Logitech Tap IP meeting room control panel with Avteq’s in-wall mount.  The in-wall box allows all cabling to run through the walls, eliminating the need to find a power source or have cables running on tables and floors.

    The Logitech Tap IP in-wall mount provides a flush-mounted installation for post or pre-construction.  The in-wall box comes standard in a glossy white finish.



  • Yealink MTouch In Wall Mount with Touch Panel Angled View

    Yealink MTouch In-Wall Mount

    The Yealink In-Wall Mount supports either the MTouch or CPT18 touch panels. The wall mount is designed for in-wall wiring installations and secures the Yealink touch panel within the box.

    Avteq’s Yealink In-Wall Mount provides added security from possible damage or loss of the unit and offers easy access to the touch screen controller for maximum usability. In addition, the in-wall box can be used for post or pre-construction installations. The wall mount comes standard in a glossy white finish.