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  • in-wall and surface mounts for Webex Room Navigator

    Cisco Webex Room Navigator Wall Mounts

    The Cisco Webex Room Navigator control unit provides touch control access to several room controls, such as: controlling Cisco videoconferencing systems, booking a room, and controlling amenities within the room.  Mounting the Cisco Webex Room Navigator on a wall provides easy access to launch and end video and/or audio conference meetings.  In addition, wall mounts help prevent theft and misplaced units.

    AVTEQ offers two wall mounting solutions that are compatible with a table-stand unit or a wall-mounted unit the Cisco Webex Room Navigator:

    • In-wall mount (CN-WMP)
    • Surface wall mount (CN-SM)

    The in-wall box offers added security and easy access for users in any room.  The in-wall box is designed to offer a flush mounting of the Cisco Webex Room Navigator unit for post or pre-construction.

    The surface wall mount is installed directly on the surface of the wall or attached to a 1-gang or 2-gang wall box.  Once the mount is installed, the Cisco Webex Room Navigator unit easily slides into the mount and is secured with a set screw at the bottom of the mount.


    Cisco Webex device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace ecosystem.