Interactive flat panel displays continue to grow not only in popularity, but capabilities. They’re making their way to businesses, venues and even college campuses in volume. According to MarketScale’s recent higher education technology study, 47 percent of college campuses have a video wall. Persistence Market Research is putting the flat panel display market at a 4.4 percent growth rate over the next several years. It’s clear that people are craving the aesthetic, interactive and unique value of these displays in their spaces; how is this affecting Pro AV professionals? What design changes are the most exciting, how is supplemental technology adapting to this IFP growth, and how does more interactivity mean more challenges with the convergence of AV and IT?

On today’s podcast we’re joined by Aaron Rubner, President of AVTEQ and Wes Burkett, Sr. Account Manager for AVI Systems, who have seen first-hand how the rise of IFPs has affected Pro AV. “You’re taking the technology that people are using and putting it into the environment that works for them,” Burkett said.

Rubner and Burkett describe a brighter (pun intended) future where flat panel displays continue to get thinner, lighter, more seamless and more accessible. With these improvements come new ways of implementation. As manufacturers and resellers, Rubner and Burkett explain how Pro AV professionals should adapt their deliverables to clients, and which applications are the biggest game-changers. “One thing that I think we do a good job of is listen to feedback from partners like AVI Systems on the aesthetics of our carts and stands,” Rubner said. “The things need to look good.”

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