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  • Camera Floor Stand CAMERA-STAND-CRK Height Adjusted with Cisco camera

    Camera Floor Stand

    The Camera Floor Stand supports the leading PTZ cameras and select video bars including the Cisco Room series, Poly Studio series, Logitech MeetUp and more. The stand is adjustable from 25-42 inches and is perfect for classrooms, multi-use collaboration areas, and ad hoc spaces.

    Its sturdy, free-standing design makes it easy to move to position the camera where needed, while offering infinite camera angle options. The stand’s small footprint reduces tripping concerns compared to standard tripod stand and makes it easy to store the stand without having to remove the camera.


  • PTZ Video Conferencing Camera Mount PS50-ABV, Camera shelf above display

    PTZ Video Conferencing Camera Mount

    AVTEQ’s Video Conferencing Camera Shelf is designed for most PTZ and other video conferencing cameras. It positions the camera above or below 32-98” displays. For dual display applications, the camera shelf easily centers the camera at the top or bottom of the displays.

    A vertical bracket and one videoconferencing camera shelf attach to the Avteq UM-1 or UM-2 VESA mount. This shelf is compatible with most Avteq products.