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  • custom bracket for Lifesize Icon 300

    Lifesize Icon 300 Mount Bracket

    Maximize your Lifesize video conferencing investment by sharing it between multiple huddle rooms.  The Lifesize® Icon 300 Mount Bracket lets you install the camera on our fixed-height or height-adjustable mobile display stands. Plus, the custom bracket makes it easy to position the Lifesize Icon 300 above or below a display.

    Huddle rooms are flexible and adaptable. Install your Lifesize Icon 300 on an AVTEQ mobile stand and enhance the user experience by providing mobility and flexibility in collaborative work environments.

    GEAR Box-sm Contact AVTEQ to discuss custom solutions.


  • Lifesize Icon 500 wall mount

    Lifesize Icon 500 & 700 Wall Mount

    The AVTEQ wall mount for the Lifesize Icon 500 or 700 provides a secure mounting solution for the PTZ camera.  The wall mount can position the Icon 500 or 700 above or below the display, eliminating the need to have the camera sit on a shelf or credenza.



  • Codec Rack Shelf

    Optional Rack Shelf for Poly® and LifeSize® codecs.

    • CRS-PLCM-G7500 – Supports the Poly Group 7500.
    • CRS-PLCM-G500—Supports the Poly Group 300/500.
    • CRS-LS-ICON—Supports the Lifesize Icon 600.

    The codec shelves are compatible with the AVTEQ RPS-1000, RPS-800, and the GMP series of mobile AV carts.