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  • DynamiQ BalanceBox mMount II Motorized Height Adjustable Display Mount (BalanceBox #487A12011)

    DynamiQ BalanceBox mMount II Motorized Height Adjustable Display Mount

    The DynamiQ™ BalanceBox mMount II provides height adjustable capabilities with a motorized wall mounting system. The double-column design provides the stability needed to work with large interactive touchscreens up to 98” with a 440.9 lb total weight capacity.

    The wired remote controller may be placed at a convenient and easy-to-reach location, allowing the user to adjust the height of the screen safely and quietly. The motorized mount has a dual anti- collision feature to prevent accidental pinching, when the system is moving and senses an obstruction it will stop and retreat. In its lowest position, the monitor allows easy access for users in wheelchairs.

    A lockbox is located on the back of the VESA mounting box, which safely stores the electric controls. The lockbox also may be used for a mini PC or other small equipment.

    With the optional accessories, the product may be equipped for use with a laptop or keyboard tray, teleconferencing equipment, or camera.


    TAA-Compliant-Label UL Recognized Canada & USA - Label


  • DynamiQ Executive Height Adjustable Mobile Cart DE-CART, with height adjusted, single display and front view

    DynamiQ Executive Height Adjustable Motorized Cart

    The DynamiQ Height Adjustable Executive Motorized Cart provides height-adjustable functionality to maximize mobility with large flat panel displays. The ADA-compliant DynamiQ Executive Cart is a perfect solution for collaborative, multi-use environments that allow users the flexibility they need for team productivity.

    The motorized mount, powered by an electric lift, allows the user to raise and lower a single display up to 75” or 254 lbs. The control panel, located on the side of the cart, provides easy access to adjust the height of the display with up to 20” of vertical movement.

    The front panels are available in three standard finishes or customized from a large selection of laminate or veneer finishes. A removable back panel provides access to 3RU of vertical rack space and cable management.