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  • Yealink Meeting Bar Bracket with Camera Shelf

    Yealink MeetingBar Mount

    The Yealink MeetingBar Mount is a secure mount for installing a Yealink MeetingBar A20/A30 videobar above or below a display.  This Yealink mount provides a stable, long term solution for a professional video conferencing installation in the office.  It is compatible with the MeetingBar A20/A30 and is a secure mount for installing video bar on display.

    The Yealink Meetingbar Mount includes a display adapter that supports small (32-55 inches), medium (60-75 inches), large (80-90 inches), or extra large (92-98 inches) display sizes.

    The Yealink Meetingbar Mount is compatible with Avteq display mounts, mobile stands, and collaborative furniture.