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  • Yealink MeetingBar Mount, Front Angled View

    Yealink MeetingBar Camera Mount

    The Yealink MeetingBar Camera Mount is a secure mount for installing a Yealink MeetingBar A20 or Yealink MeetingBar A30 videobar above or below a display.  This Yealink Camera Mount provides a stable, long term solution for a professional video conferencing installation in the office.  It is compatible with the MeetingBar A20/A30 and is a secure mount for installing video bar on display.

    The Yealink Meetingbar Camera Mount includes a display adapter that supports small (32-55 inches), medium (60-75 inches), large (80-90 inches), or extra large (92-98 inches) display sizes.

    The mount is compatible with Avteq display mounts, mobile stands, and collaborative furniture. 

    The Yealink MeetingBar Mount is available as bracket, or bundled with the Avteq universal display mount, which supports a single display up to 98″. Installing the Yealink MeetingBar on a mobile stand enhances the experience by providing mobility and flexibility in collaborative work environments.


  • Yealink MTouch In Wall Mount with Touch Panel Angled View

    Yealink MTouch In-Wall Mount

    The Yealink In-Wall Mount supports either the MTouch or CPT18 touch panels. The wall mount is designed for in-wall wiring installations and secures the Yealink touch panel within the box.

    Avteq’s Yealink In-Wall Mount provides added security from possible damage or loss of the unit and offers easy access to the touch screen controller for maximum usability. In addition, the in-wall box can be used for post or pre-construction installations. The wall mount comes standard in a glossy white finish.