Security Display Enclosure for the Poly X30

The Security Display Enclosures are designed to protect the audio visual technology and prevent anyone from using the hardware to inflict harm to themselves or others. The wall-mounted enclosure is customized specifically to support the Poly Studio X30 video bar along with a 32” or 43” display. The enclosure provides a safe and secure solution to mount the Poly Studio X30 and display in environments where the need for a safe video conferencing solution is essential, such as correctional or mental health facilities.

The sloped top provides a non-looping enclosure that reduces the chance of the enclosure becoming a ligature point. All cabling and power access can be protected by the cover for maximum safety.


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  • Supports the Poly Studio X30 video bar
  • 32″ or 43” Samsung display included with remote
  • 3mm polycarbonate screen protection
  • Single gang cutout
  • 100% steel frame
  • Black powder-coated finish

25.37H x 33.37H x 5.15D 32 inches SSENCL-32-POLY
Display not included SSENCL-32-POLY-NOTV
31.6H x 42.5W x 4.5D 43 inches SSENCL-43-POLY
Display not included SSENCL-43-POLY-NOTV

Security Display Enclosure – Poly Product Sheet

SSENCL-32-POLY Dimensional Drawing

SSENCL-43-POLY Dimensional Drawing