Holiday SPIFF Redemption Form

SPIFF Dates:  October 21 – December 18, 2020


How It Works
  • Receive a VISA gift card at the end of the promotion period. SPIFF amounts may vary if product discounts are given.
  • AVTEQ SPIFFs are available to all authorized AVTEQ dealers. Contact your AVTEQ representative for eligibility.
  • Offer applies to AVTEQ SPIFF promotion period only.
  • For any orders over 10 units, please contact AVTEQ as it relates to discount pricing and SPIFF amount.
  • AVTEQ SPIFFs cannot be claimed for any purchase orders received by AVTEQ before or after the specified period. This SPIFF limited-time promotion supersedes any other AVTEQ dealer or distributor spiff promotion. Contact your AVTEQ rep for details and eligibility.

Please complete and submit the following form no later than December 31, 2020, to redeem your SPIFF rewards.  Please direct questions to your AVTEQ sales rep or email sales@avteqinc.com.