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  • DynamiQ Wall Stand 400

    DynamiQ™ Wall Stand

    The DynamiQ™ Wall Stand is a height adjustable wall-mounted stand—perfect solution for interactive displays in the classroom, library, training center or board room. The DynamiQ™ Wall Stand provides your choice of a motorized or spring-adjusted display lift functionality.

    The motorized mount, powered by an electric lift, allows you to safely and quietly raise and lower single displays up to 300 lbs. The control panel, located on the side of the stand, includes two preset heights or can be controlled with the touch of a button. The spring technology mount requires no electricity and allows the display to move up or down with a simple touch of the finger.

    Your choice of black or gun metal gray for frame and panel color. Panels may be custom skinned in veneer or laminate to match any environment. Cabling pathways throughout with 3RU of vertical rack space. The stand must be anchored to the wall.

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  • ELT-2000S


    Our ELT-2000 AV stand is a comprehensive and modular solution designed to accommodate a single display up to 90″ or dual displays up to 70″. Perfect for the videoconferencing or telepresence environment, this robust stand includes 10RU of rack space.

    *Displays over 90″ require a larger base. Contact AVTEQ for more information.

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  • ELT-1500S


    The ELT-1500 videoconferencing stand incorporates a slim profile while having enough storage space for a videoconferencing codec. Includes a speaker module, mount for the display and an adjustable camera shelf that will allow you to choose a mount position above or below the display.


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