Logitech Rally Bar Camera Mount

Avteq’s Logitech Rally Bar Camera Mount provides a secure installation of the Rally Bar above or below a display.  The Rally Bar mounting kit is ideal to center the Logitech Rally Bar when using dual displays.  The mounting bracket is designed to attach to the display mount providing additional flexibility with large-format displays.

The Avteq Rally Bar Mount includes a display adapter that supports small (32-55 inches), medium (60-75 inches ), large (80-90 inches), or extra large (92-98 inches) display sizes.

The Logitech Rally Bar Mount is compatible with Avteq display mounts, mobile stands, and collaborative furniture.

The Logitech Rally Bar Camera Mount is available as bracket, or bundled with the Avteq universal display mount, which supports a single display up to 98″.

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  • Positions the video bar above or below a display
  • Centers the video bar above or below dual displays
  • Display adapter supports single and dual display sizes from 32 to 98 inches
  • BUNDLE – UM-1 mount supports single display up to 98″
  • Compatible with Avteq display mounts and AV carts
  • Black powder coat finish
  • 100% solid steel construction
  • TAA-compliant

14.5″L x 4.3″W x 0.7″D 9.0″L x 2.95″W x 2.65″H 24″L x 5.12″W x 1.65″D inches 32-55 inch displays LRC-MOUNT-24 LRC-BUNDLE-24
32″L x 5.12″W x 1.65″D 60-75 inch displays LRC-MOUNT-32 LRC-BUNDLE-32
42″L x 5.12″W x 1.6″5D inches 80-90 inch displays LRC-MOUNT-42 LRC-BUNDLE-42
48″L x 5.12″W x 1.65″D inches 92-98 inch displays LRC-MOUNT-48 LRC-BUNDLE-48

LRC-MOUNT Product Sheet

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