Furniture Solutions for Collaborative Spaces

AVTEQ’s collaborative furniture solutions are designed for today’s technologies.


TEAMhuddle™ tables provide an inviting and functional area for informal team meetings, conference rooms, and collaborative workspaces. The shapes of the huddle table tops are designed to provide a clear line of sight of any mounted display for everyone sitting. Choosing either the bar height or height adjustable table legs provides maximum flexibility for comfortable seating. At the bar height level, team members are eye level with the presenter.

height adjustable wall mount
DynamiQ 400 Mount

The DynamiQ™ 400 height adjustable mount is the perfect solution to move your touch screen up and down. The DynamiQ™ 400 mount has a weight capacity up to 198 lbs and a compact design with a black textured finish that is hidden behind the screen. Interface brackets for all screen sizes, floor support, and a mobile frame are available as accessories.  The DynamiQ 400 also supports both the 55″ and 70″ Cisco Webex Board.

height adjustable wall mount
DynamiQ Desks & Workstations

Improve your health and well-being with the sit-to-stand, height-adjustable DynamiQ Desk.  The easy access controller has three preset heights, which let you adjust the desk height from 24″ to 48″ to fit your personal needs. The up and down buttons have been made extra “user-friendly” as they are shaped “according to the function”, meaning the user can feel the difference and it is not necessary to look when operating the system.

height adjustable wall mount
DynamiQ RPS-500

The DynamiQ RPS-500 is a height-adjustable AV cart that is an ideal solution for touch panel displays. The spring-weighted, height-adjustable mount allows the display to easily glide up and down with a feather-light touch of the finger. The DynamiQ RPS-500 is the choice for any large touch panel display, including the Cisco Webex Board and Microsoft Surface Hub, making it perfect for interactive learning centers and collaborative workspaces.

height adjustable wall mount
Cisco® Webex Room Kit Mount

Add mobility to your Cisco® Webex Room Kit with our custom mounts for mobile display stands. The Webex Room Kit mount lets you quickly install a Room Kit, Room Kit Plus, or the Room Kit Mini on AVTEQ’s display mounts, mobile stands, and wall-mounted stands. These custom mounts make it easy to position the Room Kit video bar above or below a display. Mounts are also available for the Poly® Studio, X30 and X50 video bars and Lifesize Icon 300.

height adjustable wall mount

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