DynamiQ™ 400 Height Adjustable Mount

The DynamiQ™ 400 height adjustable wall mount is the perfect solution to move your touch screen up and down. The DynamiQ™ 400 mount has a weight capacity of up to 198 lbs and a compact design with a black textured finish that is hidden behind the screen. Interface brackets for all screen sizes, floor support, and a mobile frame are available as accessories.

The DynamiQ 400 also supports both the Cisco Webex Board 55 and 70.

Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace.


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  • Height adjustable mount
  • Supports up to 198 lbs
  • Vertical movement up to 15.75″
  • Easy movement with only a light hand touch
  • No electricity needed

Load Capacity 198 lbs.

22″W x 23.6″ H x 2.9″D

DynamiQ™ 400 Product Sheet

Cisco Webex Board Solutions Brochure

  • CBS-BB-MOUNT – optional mounting kit for the Cisco Webex Board.

  • Part Number Number of Items/Pallet Package Dimensions Weight
    1 of 2 24″W X 25″L x 2″H 52 lbs.
    Standard VESA Mount 2 of 2 35″W X 6″L x 2″H 10 lbs.
    AVT-BB-CSB55 2 of 2 50″W X 10″L x 2″H 20 lbs.
    AVT-BB-CSB70 2 of 2 63″W X 14″L x 2″H 41 lbs.