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  • D-FLEX height adjustable mobile display cart

    DynamiQ Flex 400 Height Adjustable Cart

    The DynamiQ Flex 400 is a cost-effective and adaptable mobile display cart that provides fixed or height-adjustable mounting solutions.  This mobile cart is ideal for educational environments with a variety of users.

    Fixed Height

    The DynamiQ Flex cart uses a universal VESA interface bracket, which may be installed at two different fixed heights.  This allows K-12 schools to standardize on a mobile cart, and provides flexibility in mounting displays at different heights depending on the grade.

    Height Adjustable with Easy Glide Mount

    The DynamiQ Flex 400 cart includes the height adjustable DynamiQ 400 easily glides mount, allowing the display to easily move up and down with a slight touch.  The height adjustable mount is ideal for interactive flat panels that encourage collaboration and hands-on participation.


  • Height adjustable Dynamiq mobile cart

    DynamiQ™ 650 Height Adjustable Cart for Large Displays

    The DynamiQ 650 cart is a mobile AV solution designed for large format displays and whiteboards, making it a great option for classrooms and training centers. The height adjustable mount uses a patented spring technology that allows the display to move up or down with a simple touch of the finger.



  • DynamiQ Executive Height Adjustable Cart for Cisco Boards

    The DynamiQ™ Executive Cart height adjustable mobile cart includes mounts for Cisco Boards.  The sleek style and height-adjustable functionality are perfect for a large flat-panel display up to 75″ or 254 lbs. The DynamiQ Executive Cart is ADA compliant.  It is an ideal solution for collaborative spaces in corporate offices and educational environments.

    The electric height adjustable mobile stand is powered by an electric lift, allowing you to raise and lower the display with up to 20” of vertical movement. You can easily adjust the height using the control panel on the side of the stand. In addition, an optional wireless controller is available to maximum usability.  The DynamiQ Executive Cart supports the following Cisco Boards:

    • Cisco Board 55
    • Cisco Board Pro 55
    • Cisco Board 70
    • Cisco Board Pro 75

    The DynamiQ Executive Cart has a tempered, tinted front glass door that provides access to 3RU of vertical rack space and cable management. The mobile cart offers three standard laminate finishes with a decorative front panel.  You also may customize the panel by choosing from a wide selection of laminate or veneer finishes.

  • height adjustable mobile stand

    DynamiQ Executive Height Adjustable Motorized Cart

    The DynamiQ Executive Cart provides height-adjustable functionality to maximize mobility with large flat panel displays. The ADA-compliant DynamiQ Executive Cart is a perfect solution for collaborative, multi-use environments that allow users the flexibility they need for team productivity.

    The motorized mount, powered by an electric lift, allows the user to raise and lower a single display up to 75” or 254 lbs. The control panel, located on the side of the cart, provides easy access to adjust the height of the display with up to 20” of vertical movement.

    The front panels are available in three standard finishes or customized from a large selection of laminate or veneer finishes. A removable back panel provides access to 3RU of vertical rack space and cable management.