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  • Camera Floor Stand with Yealink A20 camera Front View

    Camera Floor Stand

    The Camera Floor Stand supports most video bars and PTZ cameras, including the Yealink MeetingBar, Poly Studio X series, Logitech Meetup, and the Meeting Owl. The stand is adjustable from 25-42 inches and is perfect for classrooms, multi-use collaboration areas, and ad hoc spaces. It’s sturdy, free-standing design makes it easy to move and place the stand where needed.


  • VPMU-100L-120 Dual Large Display Mount

    Dual Large Format Display Mount

    The Dual Large Format Display Mount is designed to support dual 82- to 98-inch* displays. The heavy gauge steel ensures the mount does not bend from the weight of extra-large displays. The Dual Large Display mount is compatible with the following Avteq products:

    ELT-2000 floor stand

    ELT-2100 mobile cart

    3-Bay or larger credenzas

    * For displays larger than 86 inches, please contact your Avteq sales representation to ensure compatibility



  • Credenza Fan Kit

    Rack-mounted fan kit for 2-Bay and 3-Bay Credenzas. Kit comes preinstalled when ordering the Credenza and includes thermal cord with in-line thermostat. Auto on feature when ambient temp is 86° and off when 72°.


  • Codec Rack Shelf

    Optional Rack Shelf for Poly® codecs.

    • CRS-PLCM-G7500 – Optional rack shelf for Poly® Group 7500.

    The codec shelves are compatible with the AVTEQ RPS-1000, RPS-800, and the GMP series of mobile AV carts.



  • HDC-6, Heavy Duty Casters

    Heavy Duty Casters

    Set of four 6″ heavy duty casters, two locking.