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  • RPS-500-BB-CSB55B DynamiQ RPS-500 Cart for Cisco boards with Cisco Board Pro 55 display, front angled view

    DynamiQ RPS-500 Height Adjustable Cart – Cisco Boards

    The height-adjustable DynamiQ RPS-500 mobile cart for Cisco Boards is an ideal solution for hybrid and collaborative environments.  The spring-weighted, height-adjustable mount allows the Cisco Board to effortlessly glide vertically by 15.75 inches with a slight touch of the hand.

    The DynamiQ RPS-500 supports the following Cisco Boards:

    • Cisco Board 55
    • Cisco Board Pro 55
    • Cisco Board 70
    • Cisco Board Pro 75

    In addition, the DynamiQ RPS-500 provides an adjustable rack-mounted shelf that is ideal for small laptops, touch panels, or other devices.



  • DynamiQ mTilt Motorized Height Adjustable Cart Front View Tilted, AVT-487A03

    DynamiQ mTilt Motorized Height Adjustable Cart

    The DynamiQ mTilt is height adjustable tilting mobile cart with motorized height adjustable capabilities. The double-column design provides the stability needed to work with large interactive touchscreens up to 75”.

    The wired remote controller may be placed at a convenient and easy-to-reach location, allowing the user to adjust the height of the screen safely and quietly. The 26” travel will guarantee full screen access for all users, while the 90-degree tilt feature will allow multiple users to access the screen at the same time. The motorized stand has an anti-collision feature to prevent accidental pinching, when the system is moving and senses an obstruction it will stop and retreat. In the DynamiQ mTilt’s lowest position, the monitor allows easy access for users in wheelchairs.

    A lockbox is located on the back of the VESA mounting box, which safely stores the electric controls. The lockbox also may be used for a mini PC or other small equipment.



  • DynamiQ™ 650 Height Adjustable Cart for Large Displays AVT-650CART-BUNDLE

    DynamiQ™ 650 Height Adjustable Cart for Large Displays

    The DynamiQ 650 cart is a mobile AV solution designed for large format displays and whiteboards, making it a great option for classrooms and training centers. The height adjustable mount uses a patented spring technology that allows the display to move up or down with a simple touch of the finger.