DynamiQ RPS-500 Height Adjustable Cart – Cisco Boards

The height-adjustable DynamiQ RPS-500 mobile cart for Cisco Boards is an ideal solution for hybrid and collaborative environments.  The spring-weighted, height-adjustable mount allows the Cisco Board to effortlessly glide vertically by 15.75 inches with a slight touch of the hand.

The DynamiQ RPS-500 supports the following Cisco Boards:

  • Cisco Board 55
  • Cisco Board Pro 55
  • Cisco Board 70
  • Cisco Board Pro 75

In addition, the DynamiQ RPS-500 provides an adjustable rack-mounted shelf that is ideal for small laptops, touch panels, or other devices.



  • Height adjustable, easy glide mount with spring-weighted technology
  • Vertically adjusts 15.75″
  • 10RU
  • One adjustable rack shelf
  • 5” casters, two locking
  • 6-port surge protector
  • Cable management features
  • 100% solid steel construction
  • Ships unassembled, palletized
  • TAA compliant

74″H x 40″W x 30″D 10RU Up to 94.7 lbs Black RPS-500-40

74″H x 40″W x 30″D 10RU 90.4-152 lbs Black RPS-500-70
74″H x 40″W x 30″D 10RU 145-209 lbs Black RPS-500-90
74″H x 48″W x 30″D Cisco Board 55 Black RPS-500-BB-CSB55B
74″H x 48″W x 30″D Cisco Board Pro 55 White RPS-500-BB-CSB55W
74″H x 62″W x 30″D Cisco Board 70 Black RPS-500-BB-CSB70B
74″H x 62″W x 30″D Cisco Board Pro 75 White RPS-500-BB-CSB70W

DynamiQ RPS-500 Dimensional Drawing

Purchasing Guide for Manual DynamiQ Mounts

Packaging/Shipping Information Number of Items/Pallet Package Dimensions Weight
RPS-500-40/70/90 3 75″W x 33″L x 20″H 202 lbs.
RPS-500-BB-CSB55B/W 3 75″W X 33″L x 20″H 224 lbs.
RPS-500-BB-CSB70B/W 4 75″W X 33″L x 20″H 246 lbs.