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  • D-FLEX height adjustable mobile display cart

    DynamiQ Flex 400 Height Adjustable Cart

    The DynamiQ Flex 400 is a cost-effective and adaptable mobile display cart that provides fixed or height-adjustable mounting solutions.  This mobile cart is ideal for educational environments with a variety of users.

    Fixed Height

    The DynamiQ Flex cart offers two fixed-height adjustments and includes a VESA adapter that supports 200×200 up to 800×600 displays.  The two mounting positions allow K-12 schools to use the lowest position for younger grades and a higher position for older grades.

    Height Adjustable with Easy Glide Mount

    The DynamiQ Flex 400 cart includes the height adjustable DynamiQ 400 easily glides mount, allowing the display to easily move up and down with a slight touch.  The height adjustable mount is ideal for interactive flat panels that encourage collaboration and hands-on participation.