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  • DynamiQ RPS-500 Height Adjustable Cart – Cisco Webex Boards

    The height-adjustable DynamiQ RPS-500 mobile cart for Cisco Webex Boards is an ideal solution for hybrid and collaborative environments.  The spring-weighted, height-adjustable mount allows the Webex Board to effortlessly glide vertically by 15.75 inches with a slight touch of the hand.

    The DynamiQ RPS-500 supports the following Cisco Webex Boards:

    • Webex Board 55
    • Webex Board Pro 55
    • Webex Board 70
    • Webex Board Pro 75.

    In addition, the DynamiQ RPS-500 provides an adjustable rack-mounted shelf that is ideal for small laptops, touch panels, or other devices.

    Cisco Webex Device certified and compatible with the Webex Collaborative Workplace ecosystem. 


  • DynamiQ RPS-500 Height Adjustable Mobile Display Cart

    The DynamiQ RPS-500 height adjustable display cart is an ideal solution for large touch panel displays. The spring-weighted, height adjustable mount allows the display to easily glide up and down with a feather-light touch of the finger.

    The DynamiQ RPS-500 is the choice for any large touch panel display, including the Microsoft Surface Hub, making it perfect for interactive learning centers and collaborative workspaces.