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  • TMP-200 Telemedicine Cart for single displays, Front view

    TMP-200 Telemedicine Cart

    The lightweight TMP-200 telemedicine cart provides the ease of use and mobility required for patient care in a healthcare facility. The redesigned TMP-200 offers a slim profile and roll about design that offers the mobility needed to move through hallways and between patient rooms.

    The TMP-200 telemedicine cart is designed to integrate with today’s technology to provide the best experience for providers and patients. The large work surface provides ample space for a keyboard or needed medical equipment.  The large pullout drawer provides quick access to needed supplies.

    In addition, the TMP-200 supports a single display up to 37″ or dual displays up to 32″. A video camera shelf installs above the display to provide video conferencing capabilities. A battery enclosure is not included with the cart but may be purchased as an optional accessory.

    The TMP-200 also supports the following Cisco solution:

    AVTEQ’s telemedicine carts are easily cleaned using the most commonly used hospital-grade, diluted, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive solutions including ammonia enzyme cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or alcohol solutions.