T1V forms an Alliance Partnership with Avteq, a global manufacturer of mobile display carts, stands, and collaborative furniture for corporate, education, and healthcare workplaces.

 T1V names Avteq an alliance partner as the two companies address the evolving needs of the hybrid workplace. Together, T1V and Avteq provide flexible solutions to create remote-equal environments for hybrid teams.

T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in hybrid collaboration software for enterprise and education markets, with solutions covering a full spectrum of organizational needs. From ThinkHub for global collaboration to ThinkHub Education for HyFlex learning environments — T1V’s mission is to empower teams to collaborate anytime, anywhere. At the heart of these solutions is a room-based touch display running ThinkHub software, paired with the T1V app for remote participants to connect and participate in the same virtual Canvas.

As organizations return to the office, rooms are being reimagined with a flexibility-first mentality. Enter Avteq, a partner in mobile display carts who make it possible for ThinkHub to move around physical workspaces to accommodate hybrid teams.

“We’ve worked with T1V for several years, and we’re thrilled to take our partnership to the next level,” stated Aaron Rubner, President of Avteq.  “Offering a mobile solution that combines the ThinkHub software with an Avteq cart brings enhanced value and flexibility to collaborative spaces.”

“T1V is excited to partner with Avteq as organizations look to bring flexibility and mobility to their hybrid workspaces,” says Adam Loritsch, EVP of Sales and Marketing at T1V. He continues, “ThinkHub software is designed to bring teams together no matter where they are — and paired with Avteq, that process becomes even easier for the office to support.”

About T1V

T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in hybrid collaboration software for enterprise and education markets. The company’s collaboration platform includes ThinkHub® collaboration for global workspaces and the T1V app – working cohesively to bring teams together for seamless, intuitive working sessions.

T1V’s suite of collaboration software transforms the way people meet – making meetings a place where teams can collaborate anytime, anywhere.

T1V ThinkHub Education™ technology is designed to support active learning across a variety of teaching and learning styles, from traditional lecture to team-based teaching and learning. The solution also connects satellite classrooms, campuses, and remote participants to improve access for students and teachers.

T1V Story™ enables brands to visually tell their story in an engaging, interactive format. Story couples the visual power of mixed media with the brand’s unique look and feel to create a totally branded, one-of-a-kind experience.

All T1V solutions are Built for BYOD™ (bring your own device) to support the many devices, programs, and platforms of today’s hybrid meeting and learning environments. T1V is a leading innovator in large-scale, interactive software technology, with seven issued patents in visual collaboration software.

About Avteq

 Avteq is a leading provider of innovative AV mounting solutions, mobile carts, and furniture for the collaborative workplace.  By partnering with the leading technology companies, Avteq explores ways to improve the customer experience and design innovative products that enhance usability. With over 20 years of AV experience, Avteq approaches every new product as an opportunity to bring smart, intuitive solutions to customers in education, healthcare, enterprise, and government.  For more information about Avteq’s full line of collaborative workplace solutions, visit avteqinc.com.

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Blair Rubio


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