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cisco webex compatible logoAVTEQ is proud to announce it has been awarded the first Cisco Webex Certification in the Collaborative Workplace category for our Webex mounts, mobile stands, and collaborative furniture. As a premier supplier in the new Cisco Webex Technology Ecosystem program, AVTEQ is recognized as part of the gold standard for video conference experiences with Webex devices.

The new certification provides Webex device users the confidence in choosing AVTEQ for their mounting and collaborative furniture solutions. We’ve worked closely with the Webex team for years to ensure our products meet Cisco’s standards for quality and compatibility.

Webex Mounting Solutions You Can Depend On

When Cisco first launched the Webex Board (originally the Cisco Spark Board), AVTEQ was first to market with a custom mount that securely supported the display on our mobile stands and furniture. Our mount provided customers an alternative to wall-mounting the Webex Board. We now offer additional mounts for the Webex Board 70, 85 as well as the DX80. AVTEQ mounts replace the universal mounts on most of our mobile and floor stands giving our customers a wide range of mobile options to address their needs.

With the introduction of the Webex Room Kits, AVTEQ again was first to market with a custom mount for our mobile stands. Our Room Kit mounting solutions position the Webex Room Kit series above or below the display. Mounting the Room Kits on a mobile stand provides flexibility for teams to adjust the meeting space as needed and not be limited to a wall-mounted solution.

Collaboration and the Hybrid Workplace

The workplace is rapidly evolving to support the hybrid workforce. As Cisco continues to introduce new products to address the collaborative workplace, AVTEQ is designing mounting solutions to support the new Webex devices.

We understand that one size does not fit all, so AVTEQ offers a wide range of solutions to address the needs of our customers. For more information about all of our Webex compatible products, please visit our Cisco Webex Solutions.


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