Mobile Stands for Today’s Telehealth

The healthcare industry is shifting from in-person care to virtual delivery. Telemedicine is now a key solution to improving the speed of care delivery and creating a better patient experience. Private practices and healthcare facilities have adapted quickly to providing a telemedicine offering that keeps them agile in today’s ever-changing world.

AVTEQ provides innovative mobile stands designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare provides in large hospital systems to remote clinics. Our telemedicine mobile carts bring the power of remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and telehealth that provide expert advice safely and efficiently.

TMP-200 Telemedicine Cart

The TMP-200 telemedicine cart is designed to integrate with today’s technology to provide the best experience for providers and patients. The large work surface provides ample space for a keyboard or needed medical equipment.  The large pullout drawer provides quick access to needed supplies.

In addition, the TMP-200 supports a single display up to 37″ or dual displays up to 32″. An optional video camera shelf installs above the display to provide video conferencing capabilities  For Cisco Webex solutions, the AVTEQ DX80 mounting bracket easily installs the Webex DX80 board on the cart.

TMP-300 Telemedicine Cart

Our TMP-300 telemedicine cart offers a perfect blend of functionality and design for caregivers in hospitals or small clinics.  The TMP-300 has a small footprint and smooth gliding casters that easily travel across carpet or hard surface floors.

This customizable cart supports a single display and accommodates a variety of technologies to provide the ultimate telemedicine solution.  The TMP-300 provides an adjustable videoconferencing camera shelf, a pull-out keyboard tray, and a locking storage area with integrated AV rack.  The TMP-300 telemedicine cart integrates a wide range of technology to bring remote physicians right to the side of the patient

TMP-600 Telemedicine Cart

The TMP-600 telemedicine cart comes with a large secure storage compartment to accommodate essential medical equipment. The TMP-600 supports single or dual displays and dual-wheel casters make it easy to move through a clinic or medical facility. The camera shelf supports a variety of videoconferencing cameras to provide a robust telemedicine solution.


SDC-100 Mobile Stand

Designed to provide quick and easy in-patient telemedicine care within a hospital, the SDC-100 is ideal for accessing patient records on small displays and tablets.  The light-weight SDC-100 easily moves between patient rooms and hospital hallways with minimal floor space. It provides a standard VESA mount and offers optional mounts for the iPad tablet and Webex DX80 Board.