DynamiQ™ Executive Wall Stand

The DynamiQ™ Executive Wall Stand provides sleek style and height-adjustable functionality designed specifically for large flat panel displays. This ADA compliant, wall-mounted stand is a perfect solution for collaborative spaces in corporate offices and educational environments.

The motorized mount, powered by an electric lift, allows you to raise and lower a single display up to 75” or 254 lbs. The control panel, located on the side of the stand, provides easy access to lower and raise the display with up to 20” of vertical movement.

The front panels come in three standard finishes or customized from a large selection of laminate or veneer finishes. The tempered, tinted glass door provides access to 3RU of vertical rack space and cable management.

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  • Motorized mount stand supports single display up to 75″ or 254 lbs. with electric lifting capabilities via control panel
  • 20” vertical height adjustment
  • 3RU vertical rack
  • Tempered, tinted locking glass door
  • ADA compliant
  • 6-port surge protector
  • Cable management features
  • Ventilation requirements based on application
  • Choice of three standard finishes. Custom finishes available.
  • 100% solid steel construction

61″- 40.5”H x 33.5″W x 7.2″D 56.5”H max / 36”H min 3RU Up to 254 lbs Single display up to 75″ DE-WMS

61″- 40.5”H x 48″W x 7.2″D 56.5”H max / 36”H min 3RU Up to 254 lbs 55” Cisco Webex Board DE-WMS-CSB55
61″- 40.5”H x 62″W x 7.2″D 56.5”H max / 36”H min 3RU Up to 254 lbs 70” Cisco Webex Board DE-WMS-CSB70

Standard Finishes

For a complete library of laminate and custom veneer finishes, click here.

DynamiQ Executive Wall Stand Product Sheet
DynamiQ Executive Wall Stand Dimensional Drawing