TMP-300 Telemedicine Cart

The compact TMP-300 telemedicine cart offers a perfect blend of functionality and design for caregivers in hospitals or small clinics.  It has a small footprint and smooth gliding casters that easily travel across a carpet or hard surface floors.

This highly customizable cart supports a single display and accommodates a variety of technologies to provide the ultimate telemedicine solution.  The TMP-300 provides an adjustable video conferencing camera shelf, a pull-out drawer, and a large locking storage area.  The TMP-300 telemedicine cart integrates a wide range of technology to bring remote physicians right to the side of the patient.

The cart also supports the following Cisco solution:

AVTEQ’s telemedicine carts are easily cleaned using the most commonly used hospital-grade, diluted, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive solutions including ammonia enzyme cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or alcohol solutions.



  • Supports a single display up to 40”
  • 11RU
  • Adjustable video conferencing camera shelf
  • Front locking door
  • One pull-out drawer
  • Removable rear panel
  • One slide-out drawer
  • 5″ dual-wheel casters, two locking
  • Rack-mounted medical surge protector
  • Cable management features
  • 100% solid steel construction
  • TAA-Compliant – meets the needs of U.S. Government projects

63.5″H x 31″L x 23″W 25”L x 11.5”W 20.4″H x 22.4”L x 16”W 11RU 200 lbs Up to 40″

TMP-300 Product Sheet

TMP-300 Dimensional Drawing

Packaging/Shipping Information Number of Items/Pallet Package Dimensions Weight
TMP-300 1 40″W x 48″L x 71″H 198 lbs.